This is cross-company workshop that targets on many type of employees,
from freshman of planning department to mid-class marketing strategist.

Purpose of Workshop

By using this workshop program, participants are able to have an experience of “crowdfunding” and “crowdsourcing”, from how they works and what they are, through actual usage of CUUSOO platform. Participants can understand the actual process of product creation and improvement by ”communication with actual market”, under the supervising by professional trainer. Even after the workshop, participant can continues project  as a actual “product proposal” in CUUSOO, as a real marketing place. The program drastically improve the skill of design thinking,  which enables participant to analyse actual reaction of market for project planning.

An Example of Process Overview 

Theme Example : “proposing product value-added by the cardboard material”

In two days workshop. Participants made rough prototypes and uploaded projects on CUUSOO. On a second day, they brushed up the idea, and improved prototypes based on users’ reactions on CUUSOO. After the workshop, ideas were proposed on manufacturers as a working project proposals for actual distribution. 

    1. Brainstorming of ideas by group works.

    2. Making 1st prototype.

    3. Project upload on CUUSOO to see reaction.

    4. Comments by users

    5. Polish ideas based on users’ reaction.

    6. Modify project page on CUUSOO

    7. Participant makers present product idea to actual market.


In the cooperation with Trinity ( as facilitator, companies from wide ranges as follow had experienced this workshop.
Companies such as office equipment maker, car maker, music instrument manufacturers, commercial equipment manufacturers, and sanitary ware manufacturer.